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HappyHere at HR Coaching, we advocate for the use of Attribute focused interviewing. Typical hiring processes are focused on skill sets which fills a temporary hole in your organization. Hiring for Attributes assures you will have a great fit for your organization no matter what role you’re putting them into now because they will grow with you into the future.

The first attribute we look for is Attitude.

Attitude encompasses a candidate’s demeanor, communication style, first impressions, convictions, approach, outlook, etc. What we’re looking for is someone who fits the “vibe” of your organization. You’re hoping to find someone who doesn’t back down from a challenge and sees those challenges as opportunities for growth. This candidate should be upbeat, outgoing, have a positive outlook on their career and do all of this while wearing a smile.

The type of attitude you need for your specific role can vary widely. However, the key is that you hire for the person with the attitude you need, not the skill set. Even an amazing NFL wide receiver with a perfect skill set will get let go from a team if their attitude affects the locker room. Just like that player, you need team members that reflect who you are and what you stand for. Every employee is part of your brand and everyone they interact with will get a feel for your company from that person. Every single one of your team members is a small part of your company. Why would you settle for anything less than an exemplary attitude?

Below are a few example questions you can ask a candidate to discover their attitude.

1. Tell me about the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced and how you dealt with that.

What to listen for:
Everyone encounters bad situations in their life from time to time. How they handle that is what separates the best from the good. You’re looking for someone who met the challenge head on and moved forward with a plan of action. If this person met the challenge instead by acting like a victim and that the world is out to get them, you may need to move on.

2. Tell me about a time you had to go above and beyond to get an assignment completed.

What to listen for:
You’re going to hope they have an example for this question. Listen for what they say about the situation that was actually “above and beyond”. What was the situation they actually encountered? Were they picking up the slack for the rest of their team? How did they react when they knew they’d have to put in the extra work?

3. Tell me about a time you had to encourage someone else because you knew they weren’t doing their best.

What to listen for:
This question will not only give you insight into the candidate’s leadership potential but it will also show their attitude towards others. You’re looking for their nurturing qualities in this answer. Side note: It’s not just how they encourage the person that’s important here. What was the outcome? Did the person change?

Hopefully this gets you on your way to evaluating your candidates for their attributes instead of purely on their skill set. See our full list of hiring attributes here and if you would like to see more example interview questions, look at our best interview questions here.

What attitude are you looking to hire? Do you need help with questions you could ask your candidates? Send us a note to our email. You may be featured in our next article!