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Brad Owens, the Culture Coach at hrcoaching.com introduces himself and walks you through the why and how of the Small Business Hiring Podcast.

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0:25 – Intro: Did you know that it could cost you between 8-10 times of someone’s annual base salary to lose that employee to lose them within their first year?

1:04 -Why is it that some businesses turn away talent at the door, they have more talent than they know what to do with, and some struggle to find the next employee and have an open position open for months?

1:13- Steve Jobs: “Secret to success is that they have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world”. How did they do that?

1:40 – Brad’s Background and Creating Company Culture and Hiring Talent

3:11 – Small Business Podcast’s Every Tuesday: Talking with successful small businesses

3:30 – Small Business Hiring Live Q&A Every Thursday 1pm EST: www.hiringlivestream.com

4:32 – Information and Subscribe to Small Business Hiring located at www.smallbusinesshiring.com – Ask Questions- we want to answer them!

5:37 – The best businesses don’t hire, they attract! The best way to attract is to build a fantastic culture!

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