Why Are Temp Agencies a Bad Idea? – Small Business Hiring Live Q&A 101

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Questions Answered:

I was having issues hiring until I started using a temp agency. Now I’m second guessing my choice. Are temp agencies a good idea?

How do you feel about hiring family?

What should I focus on asking in a first round interview?

How many interviews is too many? I have a lot of people I want to sign off on a new hire.

I need to hire a developer for an app. Where should I post a job?

I’m getting ready to start up a new business and I know I need to hire 3 people to start with. Where do I even start?

I’m not getting the type of work out of my employees that I used to. What can I say to them to get them back on track?

I’ve heard a few companies on the podcast say they have retreats. What are those and why do they do those?

What should I include in an employee handbook?

What does it cost to get an employee handbook made?

Why do people apply to jobs they have no relevant experience for? They clog up my inbox every day.

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