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Scott Cowan of Century Cycles on the Small Business Hiring Podcast

How to Reduce Retail Staff Turnover with Scott Cowan of Century Cycles

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0:50- Brad Owens and Century Cycles
1:56- Welcome Scott Cowan!
2:25- History of Century Cycles
2:54- How many people do you have on staff?
3:08- What is it like to work at Century Cycles?
4:06- When coming into this business, and starting the business from the beginning, what did you want to bring into the business and what still continues today?
4:55- What do you feel like that has been the defining factor if you had to choose one that has kept you in business this long?
5:58- Can you pick out a lesson or experience in hiring with your continued growth that you could share with us?
7:45- Is there one defining characteristic that makes up your team of employees?
9:35- Could you give us a bad example of an employee you hired in the past?
10:31- When it comes to hiring in the 3 different stores, do you have oversight of the hiring or is there a person at each store that is in charge of hiring?
11:25- Can you tell us more about your hiring process?
12:25- What do you feel that it took for you to get to that point to be able to hand off the hiring and trusting others to do that process?
13:42- What have been your best strategies to bring employees in the door to apply to your business?
15:39- How do you typically pay your employees?
17:37- Could you go into detail in terms of providing employee’s insurance that has helped with your retention?
19:27- How has keeping your seasonal/off-seasonal workers worked for you?
21:05- What is the longest amount of time that an employee has been working for you?
22:18-When you interview candidates and you have them coming through in a more traditional process, what kind of questions have you found to be successful to find the right person?
24:20- Is there any set process that you have when you are reviewing your candidates in the hiring process?
26:14- Have you ever gone out and sought someone based on skillset alone?
27:13- If you could take away one piece of wisdom from you, what would you have them remember?

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