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3:15- I am not involved in the hiring process anymore and I am sensing things are slipping away from where I want them to be, what’s my first step?

6:43- I really feel like I am paying people what they should be paid for an hourly job but everyone keeps on complaining about money, is there a way to change that?

13:01- I am trying to make my shop a fun place to work but it doesn’t seem to be changing the culture here in any measurable way, what am I missing?

16:40- I used your job ad writing guide and got way more responses than I anticipated, there is no way I can get to all of these, how should I handle them?

22:10- What do I need to ask people during an interview, I have never had to give one of those before?

27:40- I got my candidates down to my top three and I cannot choose between them. They all would add value to my business, what would you do?

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