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Jessica Wirth of Bailiwicks Coffee Company joins us to discuss why she feels ego has no place in leading a team.

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1:28- Welcome Jessica Wirth!

2:42- What is it like to work there?

3:31- What does your employee staff look like?

4:47- What are the characteristics that make up your group of employees?

6:32- What did you find out as you were learning when walking the line of getting to know your employees personally?

8:45- What role does culture play in your business?

10:34- What other things are you doing to create the culture that you have?

12:01- What does your hiring and onboarding process entail?

17:33- At what point did you allow select employees to be more involved in the hiring process?

19:24- How did you handle a bad hiring experience?

23:18- Have you ever had to post a job opening externally?

24:02- Where did you best employee come from?

24:50- How do you typically structure pay?

26:27- What do you feel like your impact has had within your community?

28:43- If you could take away one piece of wisdom from you, what would you have them remember?


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