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2:10- At what point should I be looking to add an HR person to do this stuff for me full time?

5:08- Last time I posted a job I got too many resumes, they were hard to keep up with. Should I look at conducting a test/screening to eliminate some?

11:10- I always hear you talking about culture, I feel like we have a great place to work but we do not define anything relating to culture, should I be worried about that?

14:54- My friends tell me I should hire some help but I am scared to give a part of my business, what should I do?

17:54- How many interviews is too many?

20:05- How should I respond if someone sends me a resume and they are clearly not a fit for what I want for a job I have open?

21:44- How many resumes should I expect from a job posting? I hear you talk about big numbers with resumes all of the time, but I am just a 2 person business, what is realistic for me?

23:38- How do I go about making a job offer? I found the person I want to hire! What do I do?

26:09- I am convinced that the next person I am looking to hire needs to be a very skilled programmer, but I do not know much about that world though but how am I supposed to feel confident in hiring them?

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