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Dave Needham of Ohos joins us to talk about why he puts himself last among his team.

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2:18- Welcome Dave Needham!

2:39- What is it like to work at Ohos?

3:49 – What is the current makeup of your team?

4:43- What adjectives/characteristics describes your team?

5:41- Where did you find your team and bring them on board?

10:44- How were you convinced that the people on your team shares your passion?

14:09- How do your employees work with and without each other?

15:10- How does providing your team with a lot of autonomy worked for you?

17:23- As a leader would you say that the communication between you and your team more of a conversational or a dialogue?

21:58- In your opinion what do you think what makes you a good leader?

23:33- How are your team members paid?

27:48- What sort of motivation devices are you using on your team for employee retention purposes?

32:11 If you could take away one piece of wisdom from you, what would you have them remember?


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