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Lorena Cantarovici of Maria EmpanadaNow’s the time to be creative with ways to retain your employees. Hear how Lorena Cantarovici of Maria Empanada keeps her employees.

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Episode 56: Lorena Cantarovici of Maria Empanada

2:27- Welcome Lorena Cantarovici!

2:55- What is it like to work at Maria Empanada?

3:52- What is the current makeup of your team?

4:48- How do you stress to your managers that they have a stake/ownership in the business?

7:57- How do the managers/owners get in the office?

11:18- Can you share any stories in which you had issues with trust?

13:48- Where are most of your candidates coming from?

15:13- How do you go about selecting your team members?

17:59- Have you had to let someone go and/or have you had any struggles in the hiring/training process?

20:13- What are some of the hardest hiring experiences that you have had to go through?

23:00- How do you keep yourself motivated?

25:54- What is your retention rate and how do you retain them?

31:47 If you could take away one piece of wisdom from you, what would you have them remember?


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