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Join the entire HRCoaching.com Team as we discuss what your business should be aware of as we head into 2018.

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Episode 58: Brad Owens, Malary Jones, and Thomas Hays of HR Coaching: 2018 Outlook

1:55- Welcome Brad Owens, Malary Jones, and Thomas Hays of HR Coaching!

2:41- Welcome Brad Owens!

3:27- Welcome Thomas Hays!

5:01- Welcome Malary Jones!

7:53- What is the bigger picture for 2018?

8:23- Thomas, can you tell us a little more about the Obama era practices phasing out and what does that mean for Human Resources?

14:10- Malary, what can companies focus on in 2018 when it comes to terms of performance reviews?

22:38- Brad, what should small businesses focus on in terns of improving the candidate experience?

24:31- Thomas, what can companies do as the unemployment rate gets tighter and to find the talent that is out there?

27:05- Malary, if unemployment tightens what should companies focus on with the talent that they already have?

30:00- By week two January 8th-12th, what element could small businesses implement that could change the direction of 2018?

-Brad: Do without resumes!

-Thomas: Put thought and care into the candidate experience as much as you put into the customer experience

-Malary: Provide your employees with a better work/life balance and more flexibility.

38:39- What changes and trends are going to occur in 2018?

-Humanizing the Human Resources Process

-Showing compassion from an HR standpoint with your employees


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