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Executive coach Jason Treu, with clients such as Tim Cook, Bill Gates and Richard Branson, joins us to talk about how you can help your employees feel fulfilled and be successful.

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1:22- Welcome Jason Treu!

1:38- What comes to mind when you think about corporate culture?

2:32- What do you feel like most businesses are missing when it comes to corporate culture these days?

4:40- What can businesses do to incorporate a healthy company culture?

6:52- For small businesses when they can develop these role they can move up into, what are flat businesses doing to show that there is a path for growth and promotion?

*Culture is what attracts people to your business, but caring is what retains them!

12:23- What is the game you designed and what did you design it for?

17:35- What do you think it is about bringing people together that has an impact on these shared experiences?

21:20- What is the break even of the game play within each team?

*An employee will be 7x more productive if an employee feels that they have a a great friend at work.

25:49- What are some ways businesses have made mistakes in the hiring process and what did it mean to them?

28:30- What do you see long term for businesses who do not take hiring seriously?

30:34- If you could take away one piece of wisdom from you, what would you have them remember?


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