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Jennifer and Javier Perez of Cheluna Brewery join us to talk about how they try to see the good in their team and others.

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1:11- Welcome Jennifer and Javier Perez!

1:30- If someone were to ask you what it’s like to work there, what would you see?

2:58- What is the current makeup of your team?

5:16- What kind of adjectives and characteristics come to mind to describe your team?

11:20- What do you feel like you do among the team to generate some comradery to enjoy working together?

16:03- What is your hiring process really look like?

20:03- What questions do you ask when contacting the personal references?

21:16- What are your favorite interview questions?

29:40- If you could take away one piece of wisdom from you, what would you have them remember?


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