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4:15- I seem to be getting 90% garbage applications from posting my job postings, is that normal?

8:27- Why does no one ever call me about my open positions? I just get resume email after resume email?

11:34- What do I ask in a first interview?

13:37- At what point do I give someone a personality test?

16:10- You say to hire slow and fire fast. How fast is too fast when I want to hire someone?

18:12- If I am going after my very first hire, where is the best place to post your job?

21:12- I am lucky to work in an industry where we have lots of applications for each position. How do I even begin to get back to everyone who applies?

23:24- We tried to do a recruiting day for a business where we opened our doors to anyone who wanted to apply to our jobs, no one showed up, any tips for the next one?

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