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Ryan Paugh joins us to talk about his new book, “Superconnector”, and shares his tips for how to build your referral network.

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00:31- Welcome Ryan Paugh!

1:50- As the COO what would you say what it is like to work there?

3:41- How many people are in your organization?

3:54- What makes up your team?

5:02- What is your hiring process like and where do you typically find your employees?

10:15- Tell me more about the next step in the hiring process after you get them into your business?

12:11- What would be one of your favorite questions to ask in an interview to see if they will be a good cultural fit or not?

*Open-ended questions are key!

14:20- How do you instill transparency into your culture?

19:18- If we are trying to use your book “Superconnector” as a way to build your referral network, what are some ways from your book that you recommend for small businesses to start implementing?

*Culture of generosity

27:17- What would you stay to those who have done networking the same way for years and dread networking event?

31:15- If you could take away one piece of wisdom from you, what would you have them remember?


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