73: How to Hire Better Than Your Competitors

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1:09- I am in an industry that has a lot of competition in my area, how am I supposed to beat them all out for hiring?

7:40- What is a good first interview step?

10:30- I have an employee that is not living up to it’s potential, what do I do?

13:38- Do you have any books you recommend to read on hiring?

15:00- What is the biggest mistake you have seen when it comes to hiring?

16:57- I am getting nothing but unqualified resumes from my online job posting, what should I do differently?

20:44- How far in advance do I start to hire for seasonal help?

23:44- What would you recommend if someone if looking to hire someone part-time in the hopes of them going into a full-time role?

26:15- I work in a high turnover industry, are there any hiring tips that you have for me?

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