76: How to Retain Staff that Rocks with Ryan Konikoff of Rock the House

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Working in a high turnover industry, how does Rock the House defy the odds and keep the majority of their staff? Their COO, Ryan Konikoff, joins me to tell us how!

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00:20- Welcome Ryan Konikoff!

3:31- What’s it like to work at Rock the House?

4:45- How long have you been with the company and what kind of growth have you seen?

7:05- Where are you finding most of your candidates and how?

10:43- Where would you go to find receptionists and other front-end positions?

13:21- What is the first step in your interview process?

22:25- Why are you so good at employee retention?

30:00- If you could take away one piece of wisdom from you, what would you have them remember?


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