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Natalie Lemons on the Small Business Hiring PodcastNatalie Lemons shares current trends in hiring and what you need to do in order to be competitive.

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3:35- When discussing the best practices in the hiring practices, what is the key thing that a company can look for when hiring someone in to any department, in any skill set, or anything at all?
5:10- How do companies define and develop culture?
7:00- What should someone who is just starting their business ask themselves or ideas that they may have about what their culture is going to be?
9:40- How do you think people should go about hiring for a cultural fit- what questions should they be asking or what should they be doing?
12:27- Keeping culture in mind, what favorite interview questions do you see companies using or what do you suggest what questions that they do use to screen for that?
14:47- What would you say is your favorite interview question?
16:50- Why is it so difficult right now to find candidates?
18:44- What is the importance of networking?
21:17- What are the best practices/trends that businesses are able to use now whether it’s where or how they are posting the the job or anything?
23:22- Do you have any other suggestions or are there any other places where businesses are having success in finding candidates?
26:07- In the recruiting industry, are there any hot trends that you see coming or that we should be aware of?
27:18- Is there anything else you see trending that small businesses should know about whether it’s about how to post a job, in designing things, is it all mobile right now?
31:07- Can you tell us what kind of things you are working behind the scenes in terms of your website launching?
32:46- If you could take away one piece of wisdom from you, what would you have them remember?
“If you are a manager, you are looking to hire somebody and you find that person who is the needle in the haystack, please move on them quickly because they will be gone”- Natalie Lemons

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