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Questions Answered:

I’ve had three of my 24 people leave in the past two months. I’m scared more are coming. How can I get in front of this?

I have a very blue collar workforce. I can’t seem to find anyone that’s willing to work right now. I have had three positions open for over two months. What should I be doing to find someone?

Besides posting my job online, what else should I do to find new applicants?

I heard your Q&A last week about core values, I’ve been in business for 8 years without them. Why would I start now? Is there any reason?

I like your idea of bringing out a number of different candidates at once. I do a group interview with three candidates at once. Will that work?

Where is one place most managers waste a lot of time when hiring?

I wanted to share my favorite interview question with you to see how you like it. I ask a few different questions off of the person’s resume and then throw it in the trash. Then I ask them “I don’t really care about that stuff. So now let’s talk about things that would get you fired around here” and get them to talk about their work ethic and other culture items. What do you think?

I love the way your video looks and how your mic sounds. What are you using to record?

What’s a shift differential? I heard you mention that before.

Is three tests too many to give someone before I hire them?

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