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Questions Answered:

I looked up today and noticed I’m surrounded by white men. How can I start to hire a more diverse workforce?

Should I include volunteer days in with my PTO days?

I work in a manufacturing environment where the floor workers are separated off from the office workers. It’s like we have two different cultures here. How can I merge the two?

I’ve got core values in place but I don’t feel like everyone respects them or even uses them. How can I make my core values more important around my office?

I need to hire seasonal workers. They really only stay on for a few months at a time. Any tips on where to find these types of employees?

I’ve got one very toxic person on my team but I’m scared to fire them because of what they may do in the office. How can I get this person out of here without causing any damage?

I’m maxing out what I can pay my people and they are still asking for more money. How can I deal with this?

I just wanted to share a success with you. I took the advice you had for me back in episode 43 and now my employee has done a complete 180 and is fantastic!

I keep screening resume after resume and no one has the skills I’m after. What are my options now?

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