Top Three Most Revealing Interview Questions to Ask

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Attributional interviewing is a fantastic way to find new team members that will be a long term fit for your organization. We encourage you to spend time thinking about what attributes will be most important to you when hiring someone new. After you’ve identified what’s important to you and your organization, start thinking about how you can ask your candidates questions that will uncover how well they personify those attributes. If you happen to have an interview in an hour and are just now looking for what questions you can ask (Don’t worry, we’ve all done it. There’s never enough time!) we suggest using at least these three questions:

Tell me about a time you had to go above and beyond to get an assignment completed.

What to listen for:
You’re going to hope they have an example for this question. Listen for what they say about the situation that was actually “above and beyond”. What was the situation they actually encountered? Were they picking up the slack for the rest of their team? How did they react when they knew they’d have to put in the extra work?

Tell me your process for setting goals to improve yourself? What’s one example you’re working on now?

What to listen for:
How do they benchmark themselves? Are they comparing themselves to anyone else or do they focus on improving themselves regardless of the environment? What you’re looking for is someone who excels independent of the environment they are in. What sorts of processes and methods do they use to improve?

Outside of work, what are some of your favorite activities that get you excited?

What to listen for: This question gives you more insight into the candidate to help round them out as a person. You also get to see if you have anything in common with this individual outside of the office.

photo by Arnie Sacknooson CC